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Brined Vegetables

pickled cucumbers 1520638 1920

From the United States Agricultural Department 1935 Brined vegetable pickles are liked particularly for the crisp texture and characteristic flavor developed during the brining process. The vegetables may be prepared either by the short or the long brining process. In the short brine a 5 percent salt solution is used. …

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Guxiangqing Pickled Vegetables

Guxiangqing Pickled Vegetables

Manchurian Pickled Cabbage Manchurian pickled cabbage has rich lactic acid bacteria, refined fibers and vitamin B1,B2 and C; its low calories makes it a healthier dish. And the Korean style kimchi is the best side dish for hot pots and savory stinky hot pots. All products are examined, no artificial …

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Hakka Pickled Vegetables

Hakka pickled vegetables

Hakka Pickled Vegetables In the early days, Hakkas migrated to Taiwan and lived near mountainous areas. In order to easily carry and preserve food, they developed a long-term preservation method for dried and pickled food. Due to the diligent work ethics of the Hakka people, they sweated a lot and must …

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Improved Processes For The Preservation And Utilization Of Vegetables

Sliced Pickles Dill

Objectives Objective 1. Enable the commercialization of reduced NaCl fermentation technology by identifying suitable starter cultures, optimizing processing parameters to prevent freezing of the fruits; and develop a shelf-life model that allows processors to rapidly and accurately predict end-use quality. Subobjective 1a: Develop starter cultures for cucumber fermentations brined with …

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Fermented Vegetables (Sauerkraut)


Ingredients 300g cabbage of choice  4g pure sea salt ( non- iodinized and free from anti-caking agents)  1 tsp miso paste (optional)  1 spring onion chopped  1 tsp grated ginger An airtight jar, sterilized Method  Wash the cabbage leaves before slicing as you like (the …

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A Lab That Keeps Us All Out Of A Pickle

Pickled Vegetables

A Lab That Keeps Us All Out Of A Pickle George Washington had a collection of 476 kinds of pickles. To prevent scurvy, Christopher Columbus stocked pickles on the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria. Julius Caesar, believing pickles to be invigorating, added them to the Roman legions’ diet. In 5000 …

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Preservation Of Vegetables By Fermentation And Salting

Fermentation Cabbage

Among the sensible strategies of conserving surplus meals, particularly worthy of consideration right now, arc these based mostly on preservation by fermentation and salting or brining. Owing to the big growth of canning on this nation over the past technology and the benefit with which contemporary greens could also be …

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Recommended Canners


Equipment for heat-processing home-canned food is of two main types—boiling water canners and pressure canners. Most are designed to hold seven quart jars or eight to nine pints. Small pressure canners hold four-quart jars; some large pressure canners hold 18 pint jars in two layers, but hold only seven quart …

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The Health Benefits Of Fermented Vegetables


Dr. Ilenys Perez-Diaz is a Microbiologist with the Food Science and Market Quality and Handling Research Unit in Raleigh, NC. Her work involves research into microbes present during the fermentation and acidification of vegetables. Welcome Dr. Perez-Diaz to Under the Microscope: UM – As a microbiologist, how does your work connect to …

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Fermented Pickles