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Cucumber Pickles

Pickles 1

Cucumber Pickles Ingredients 6 medium cucumbers 2 large capsicums 5 medium onions ½ cup salt 3 1/4 cups of good vinegar 2 cups of sugar 3 tsp of curry powder 1 tsp of celery seeds 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 tbs turmeric ½ cup flour 1 tsp chilli powder 1 …

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Beetroot And Onion Pickles

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BEETROOT AND ONION PICKLES. “Housewife” desires recipes for making beetroot pickle, and also how to pickle onions. The following are taken from the “Australian Inquiry Book,” and I would like readers who have good recipes for these, to kindly forward them: Beetroot Pickle Ingredients: Beetroots vinegar 2oz. allspice whole pepper. …

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Plain Pickles


Recipe from: WHAT MRS. FISHER KNOWS ABOUT Old Southern Cooking, SOUPS, PICKLES, PRESERVES, ETC. Awarded Two Medals at the San Francisco Mechanics’ Institute Fair, 1880, for best Pickles and Sauces and best assortment of Jellies and Preserves. DIPLOMA AWARDED AT SACRAMENTO STATE FAIR, 1879. By MRS. ABBY FISHER, Plain Pickles …

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Long Brined Pickles

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See Farmers’ Bulletin 1438, “Making fermented pickles,” for detailed directions. Green peppers, green tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, and snap beans as well as cucumbers cured by the long-brining method may be used in many kinds of mixed pickles. To remove the salt from the brined vegetables ready for these mixtures, cover …

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Perfect Pickles

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Pickling is a process of food preservation using vinegar and salt. Pickles are eaten the world over and can be salty, bitter, sour, sweet or fiery hot. Dill pickles are the most common pickle in North America. Although most of the ingredients used in pickles qualify as low acid foods, …

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Bread And Butter Pickles

Cucumbers Bread and Butter Pickles

Bread and butter pickles: With the availability of delicious cucumbers (Gurken) in Germany, this pickle recipe, which works with all local products, is definitely one to try: Ingredients 4 quarts scrubbed, unpared sliced cucumbers (about 6 long ones) 4-6 medium white onions, sliced 2 green peppers, sliced 3 cups cider …

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Home-Made Pickles

Home Made Pickles

For extra relish there’s nothing like home-made pickles. You can preserve vegetables for all-year-round use by pickling in various ways. Pickles are delicious always with cold meats and often add piquancy to hot dishes. And for savory making for supper or cocktails pickles are invaluable. So learn to make your …

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Sliced Cucumber Pickles

Bread and Butrter Pickles

This recipe is a $10 winner in the Australian Women’s Weekly Newspaper under the heading – CUCUMBER PICKLE RECIPE WINS PRIZE A recipe for crisp bread-and-butter pickles wins this week’s prize of $10. Serve them with cold meats, in salads, or to top savory biscuits. Level spoon measurements and the …

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Mustard Pickles

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(Using long-brined vegetables) 2 quarts sliced cucumbers 1 quart snap beans, cut in 1/2 inch pieces 1 quart sliced green peppers 1 quart onions, quartered 1 quart cauliflower, cut in sections 1 cup sliced sweet red pepoers Freshen the brined vegetables in the usual way to remove the excess salt, …

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Homemade Pickles And Relishes

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From the United States Agricultural Department 1935 Four types of pickles and relishes are made at home. The easiest to make are the fruit pickles such as whole pickled peaches, crabapples, or pearas, cooked in a spicy sweet-sour syrup. Then there are quick-process pickles made from vegetahles salted down overnightand …

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Fermented Pickles