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Healthy Chinese Banquet Dining

Chinese Banquet Dinner

Chinese people are famous for the love for food, and delicious food plays an important part of our daily lives. A lot of times, a family gathering or social occasion is considered complete with a grand Chinese banquet. When we choose the dishes, however, our concern should not be limited …

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Chinese Cabbage Facts

Chinese Cabbage

• Chinese cabbage has crinkly, thickly veined leaves that are cream-colored with celadon green tips. • It is also known as Napa cabbage. • Unlike the strong-flavored waxy leaves on round heads of cabbage, Chinese cabbage is thin, crisp, and delicately mild. • It can be served raw, sautéed in …

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Broadbean Chinese Chutney

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Ingredients Broadbeans, 1 kg Spicy Marinated Tofu, 1 packet (3 sheets), cut into strips. Chinese Pickled Cabbage, 1 tablespoon, chopped finely Hot Birdseye Chilli, 1 (or 2 if you are brave), chopped Garlic, 3 cloves, crushed Method Heat a small amount of Peanut Oil in a Wok. Add garlic and …

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Chinese Cheese Fermenting Flavor

Fermented Tofu Furu Doufuru

FERMENTED tofu, which is known in Chinese as furu or doufuru, is an intriguing condiment in Chinese cuisine. The texture of fermented tofu is similar to blue cheese or feta cheese. In fact, the tofu is often referred to as “Chinese cheese.” The origin of the technique used in fermenting …

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Fermented Pickles