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Bokashi | Compost Guide

Bokashi Compost Guide

What is bokashi? Bokashi technically isn’t a composting method because it anaerobically ferments food rather than decomposing it. Bokashi bran, a mix of bacteria and yeast, breaks down food with very little odor (smells a bit like pickles) and doesn’t create harmful emissions. Meat, cooked foods and dairy can be …

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Bokashi, Worm Farms & Bins

Bokashi Worm Farms Bins

Home composting can be a great way to reduce the volume of food waste your household sends to landfill. Find out how you can cut down on your waste. There are three main types of composting systems: Composting This is a ‘hot’ system Good for large quantities, including garden waste It’s a …

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Bokashi Bins

Bokashi Bins

Bokashi is the Japanese word for fermented organic matter. A bokashi bin or bucket is a practical and convenient way to transform your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. It is a unique recycling system that ferments food waste in a sealed, air-tight container. Commercial bokashi buckets can …

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Composting, Worm Farms And Bokashi Bins

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Composting Composting is great for homes with a garden. Compost bins can take some food scraps and most garden waste and provide a rich, nutrient-rich fertiliser. Why compost or worm farm? Composting and worm farming have many benefits, including: Improving soil quality by releasing rich nutrients from the compost or …

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Easy Bokashi

Bokashi Bucket 1

Bokashi is a practical and convenient method for turing your food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner.\ Rather than composting, bokashi ferments or pickles your food waste. ‘Bokashi’ is a Japanese word for ‘fermented organic matter’. The bokashi is a special mix of crushed grains that have been infused with …

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Bokashi Bucket Fact Sheet

Bokashi Bucket

Turning food scraps (all types) into nutrient rich soil conditioner What is Bokashi? Bokashi is a Japanese word meaning “fermented organic matter”. A Bokashi bucket is a sealed airtight container which can be used to ferment food scraps, creating a nutrient rich soil conditioner. A Bokashi bucket is a safe …

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Using Bokashi

Japanese Bokashi Bucket

The Bokashi bucket is the perfect alternative for people who want to compost but don’t have much space. The Bokashi composting system works on the principle of anaerobic composting (without oxygen) in an airtight container, thereby eliminating odours and making it suitable for indoors. Organic waste is added to the …

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Bokashi Bin

How to Bokashi Step 1: Place a 3-4 centimeter layer organic waste into the top bucket and then cover the waste evenly with approximately one handful of bokashi activator. Step 2: Squash down to exclude air (potato mashers are handy for this) Step 3: Replace the Bokashi bucket lid, ensuring …

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