Kefirko Vegetable Fermentation Kit with Recipes (Blue)

Effortlessly Preserve and Enhance the Flavor of Your Vegetables with Our Kefirko Fermentation Kit and Delightful Recipes in Blue!

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The Kefirko Vegetable Fermentation Kit with Recipes (Blue) is a complete kit that allows users to easily ferment their own vegetables at home. It comes with recipes and tools to make the process simple and enjoyable.

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Additional Product Details

  • Glass jar, glass weight, fermentation clock, pump, filter, pressing disk, one way valve and a book of recipes included!
  • Ferment mixed veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi, fruits or any other vegetable in your kitchen!
  • Fermented vegetables are full of positive microorganisms, nutrients and are absorbed more easily than fresh ones
  • Learn how to use the veggie fermenter, discover useful tips on DIY fermentation and explore our delicious recipes from the best experts in the fermentation world

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