Comodo Keramik-Gärtopf – 2 Liter (0,5 Liter) Glasgewichte – Gärer

Comodo Keramik-Gärtopf – 2 Liter (0,5 Liter) Glasgewichte – Gärer: Enhance the art of fermentation with this versatile, elegant ceramic fermentation crock and glass weights

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The Comodo Keramik-Gärtopf is a high-quality fermentation pot designed specifically for fermenting vegetables and other foods at home. With a capacity of 2 liters and including 0.5-liter glass weights, it provides an ideal environment for controlled fermentation and preserving the nutrients and flavors of your homemade fermented creations.

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Additional Product Details

  • Airtight Water Seal: The water gutter seal blocks the outside air from getting in while the lid vent allows gases inside to escape in time, perfectly ensure an anaerobic crock environment for better fermentation results
  • Credible Material: Food-grade double-glazed ceramic, remain the vegetable fresh longer and easily clean after use. Meanwhile the ceramic provides a deeper protection to the fermentation from the sunlight. (Please kindly contact Seller for replacement if the stone weights are not glazed well.)
  • Easy to Use: The 3.4 inches opening makes it easy to add or remove ingredients. The included weighing stone can be used to press down the ingredients and keep them immersed in the solution
  • Simple Maintenance: After use, simply clean out any remains and rinse with dish soap before leaving to dry. Lift and transport with the handles on two sides to store for the next pickling session!
  • User-Friendly for Beginners: This 0.5-gallon compact size multifunctional sourdough crock is a nice choice for beginners or a small household family. Razorri provides an in-time support service that helps to start a great fermenting journey

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