Brewer's Elite Hydrometer Set - Triple Scale Deluxe

Precision Brewing Equipment for Home Fermentation Enthusiasts

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The Brewer's Elite Hydrometer Set is a must-have for any home brewer who wants to accurately measure the alcohol content of their beer, wine, or cider. With a triple scale that measures specific gravity, potential alcohol, and brix, as well as a deluxe case for easy storage, this set is an essential tool for any fermentation enthusiast.

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Additional Product Details

  • Premium set with handy storage case and free microfiber cleaning cloth
  • No test jar included - check out our other combo for a full set
  • Easily calculate ABV with graduated color bands and crystal clear fonts
  • Durable all glass alcoholmeter for making great beers, wines, ciders and Kombucha
  • Triplescale for specific gravity, potential alcohol, and Brix/Balling
  • Check alcohol density with ease
  • 100% money back guarantee for complete satisfaction

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