2L Keramik-Gärtopf für Sauerkraut - Rot

Create delicious homemade sauerkraut with this vibrant 2L ceramic fermentation crock - Red

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The 2L Keramik-Gärtopf für Sauerkraut is a versatile and durable fermentation crock specifically designed for making delicious and healthy sauerkraut at home. With a vibrant red color, it adds an attractive touch to your kitchen while providing the perfect environment to ferment cabbage and other vegetables for a tangy, probiotic-rich outcome.

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Additional Product Details

  • Contemporary design
  • Heavy ceramic with classic style
  • The size is 7.4 inch (Include ears), capacity is 2 liter
  • Select ceramic material
  • Smooth, lead-free, and easy to clean surface
  • Avoids sunlight for better protection
  • Airtight water seal
  • Allows fermentation gas to escape
  • Maintains air circulation while preventing oxidation
  • Equipped with weighted porcelain chips for better fermentation results
  • Fun
  • Requires manual preparation for making pickles
  • Experience the joy of making delicious food
  • Note
  • Water may evaporate, refill the water tank every 3-4 days

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