10L Stoneware Fermentation Crock with Accessories

Elevate Your Fermentation Game with the Complete 10L Stoneware Crock and Accessory Kit

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4.34 out of 5 stars

164 reviews

Product Summary

The 10L Stoneware Fermentation Crock with Accessories is a high-quality crock made of durable stoneware, perfect for fermenting various foods and beverages. With its included accessories, such as weights and a lid, it provides an easy and convenient way for anyone to start fermenting at home.

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Additional Product Details

  • 🥬 Traditional way of fermenting vegetarian food
  • 🥬 2.6 gallon pickling crock for retaining seasonal vegetables
  • 🥬 High-grade ceramic material with lead and cadmium-free glaze
  • 🥬 Easy to wash with smooth glazed surface
  • 🥬 Water-sealed cover for escaping fermentation gas and maintaining air circulation
  • 🥬 Includes weighting stones and pickle tamper for better fermentation results

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