What Are Fermented Pickles?

fermented pickles

Well, basically, they are cucumbers that have soaked in a brine. Brined pickles are prepared using the traditional process of natural fermentation in a brine which makes them grow sour. The brine concentration can vary between 20 and more than 40 grams of salt per litre of water (3.2–6.4 oz/imp …

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Pickling And Fermentation In Retail Food Establishments

Pickled Fermented Foods

Cold brining, hot brining and natural fermentation are commonly used to make pickled products.    All  three  processes  are  allowed  without  additional  regulation  in  the  2013  ODA Retail Food Code as long as the options below are followed. Examples of these types  of  products  are:  traditional  cucumber  pickles  cold  brined  …

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Fermented Pickles