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New Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Vegetables And Comprehensive Deep-processing Project Of Songyuan City

1. Introduction to the Project

1.1 Project background

1.1.1 Product introduction

Vegetable processing methods mainly include pickling, drying, canning, quick-freezing, juicing, etc. Among them, pickling, belonging to a way of fermentation processing, is one of the main methods of traditional vegetable processing. Lactic acid bacteria is a kind of probiotics existing in human body, which can not only boost immunity, but also play a healthcare role such as improving body functions and delaying aging. People use lactic acid bacteria to make yogurt, cheese, pickles, sauerkraut, other fermented foods and some health products.

The project bases on rich corn resources in Songyuan City to extract glucose. Lactic acid bacteria produced in the fermentation process of glucose are used to ferment vegetables. Fermentation processing can prolong the shelf life of vegetable products, facilitate packaging, transportation and eating, and adjust the low and peak seasons of vegetables, consequently achieving a balanced supply throughout the year. It can also enhance the flavor and quality of vegetables, increase varieties, improve the nutritional value, and meet people’s growing needs for vegetable products.

1.1.2 Market prospect

(1) Benefits of vegetable fermentation processing

The first is to increase the nutritional value of vegetable products.

The main way of vegetable fermentation processing is lactic acid bacteria fermentation. By using the soluble substances in raw ingredients, lactic acid bacteria produce various organic acids, vitamins and enzymes through their metabolism. The produced organic acids are not only beneficial to the absorption and utilization of mineral substances such as calcium and phosphorus, but also have important nutritional and physiological effects. In experiments, it was found that the content of riboflavin, thiamine and pyridoxine in tomato juice and carrot juice fermented by lactic acid bacteria increased, and the content of glutamic acid in the fermented vegetable juice was higher, thus the nutritional value of vegetable products improved. In the fermentation process of fresh vegetables, the carbohydrates are only slightly decomposed, and without enzyme systems to decompose cellulose and protein, lactic acid bacteria will not destroy the tissues and cells of vegetables during the fermentation processing.

The second is to improve the flavor of vegetable products.

In the process of vegetable fermentation, the organic acids such as lactic acid, acetic acid and propionic produced by the microbial system mainly composed of lactic acid bacteria give fermented vegetables a soft sour taste, the produced ketone gives products a fresh, mellow and fragrant flavor, and the slight diacetyl gives the products a pleasant cream fragrance. And the different esters produced by the combination of organic acids and the alcohols produced in fermentation make the products having a fresh flower fragrance. The vegetable products fermented by lactic acid bacteria not only maintain the vegetable’s natural flavor of being fresh, tender and fragrant, but also add the pleasant flavor of lactic acid bacteria fermentation. Moreover, the sour taste of lactic acid bacteria can alleviate the smelly taste of vegetable products to some extent.

The third is to prolong the shelf life of vegetable products.

The microbial system mainly composed of lactic acid bacteria produces a large amount of organic acids during anaerobic fermentation, which formed an acid environment that can inhibit the growth and reproduction of some putrefying bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in vegetable products. Lactic acid bacteria can also produce many antibacterial substances such as ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and bacteriocin. Hence, they can be used as a natural food preservative and prolong the shelf life of vegetable products.

The fourth is to add the healthcare function to vegetable products.

The fermented vegetables contain B vitamins including the vitamin B12 that does not exist in plants, which are good for human health. When eating the vegetable products fermented by lactic acid bacteria, except the absorption of nutrients in vegetables human body can ingest the lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites

which play the roles of probiotics regulating bowels, preventing constipation, improving immunity, reducing blood lipid, reducing cholesterol and preventing cancer, etc.

(2) Development situation and market prospect prediction of lactic acid bacteria fermented vegetables

Vegetables are the second largest crop in China’s planting industry after grains, and contribute the most to the growth of per capita disposable income of rural residents in China. Vegetable production, supply and marketing is the industry with the largest number of employees in China. Therefore, ensuring the sustainable and stable development of vegetable industry is an important popularity winning project to improve people’s livelihood, benefit people’s livelihood, ensure stability and promote harmony. China is the largest country in vegetable production and consumption in the world and its vegetable industry has developed rapidly, which meets the increasing needs of urban and rural residents for the quantity, quality and variety of vegetables in general. The planting area is stable at over 300 million mu, the annual output is over 700 million tons, and the annual sales volume reaches 50% of the world total.

New Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Vegetables 1

Fermented vegetables occupy a very important position in Japanese diet, and even appear as appetizers at formal banquets. In the United States and South Korea, the per capita consumption of fermented vegetables also reached 1198g and 604g respectively, which are 6.6 times and 3.3 times that of China respectively. Although Japan and South Korea have a long history and cultural accumulation in the making of pickles, vegetable cultivation is limited due to the limited land area in both countries. The raw ingredients of pickles in Japan and South Korea are expensive, and most of them are lactic acid bacteria fermented products. Because of the short shelf life and the needs for special packaging or cold chain transportation, the price of fermented products per ton is high. The pickle industry in Japan and South Korea has gone beyond the production stage of simple fermentation. And the two countries have started to standardize industrial production and research on healthy new pickles such as the type of “low salt, low sugar, original taste”. They have invested heavily in product research and development.

The project introduces the advanced technologies from Japan and South Korea which uses lactic acid bacteria to ferment vegetables. Considering the sufficient vegetables and low price of them, the fermented vegetables, as one major subcategory of appetizers, are common on family tables. With numerous varieties and flavors, the fermented vegetables meet the needs of different consumers, and are deeply favored by consumers around the world for a long time. The industry has great potential for future development.

1.1.3 Technical analysis

Block Diagram of Technological Process

New Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Vegetables 2

1.1.4 Advantageous conditions of project construction

(1) Policy advantages

The National Planting Industry Structure Adjustment Plan of 2016-2020 proposes to make an overall plan for the “vegetable garden” production in advantageous vegetable production areas and large, medium-sized cities, to consolidate and promote the production of greenhouse vegetables in north, and to stabilize the vegetable planting area. By 2020, the vegetable planting area is stable at 320 million mu or so, including 63 million mu of facilities vegetables.

The General Offices of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the Provincial People Government jointly issued the Various Policies and Measures on Responding to COVID-19 Epidemic and Supporting the Healthy Development of Service Industry, including polices and measures of actively helping enterprises to perform well in epidemic prevention and control, orderly promoting enterprises to resume work, increasing tax reduction and exemption, moderately reducing the rent, deferring the payment of utility fees, delaying the payment of land transfer fees, deferring the connection of enterprises-related expenses, strengthening the credit supply, optimizing credit services, increasing insurance guarantee support, and supporting key commercial catering enterprises to expand the operation scale. These policies and measures aim to support the production of enterprises and the implementation of projects.

(2) Industry advantages

Songyuan has a solid foundation in agricultural products processing industry, and has successively built agricultural products deep processing enterprises and food enterprises led by Cargill Biochemical Group Co. Ltd., Global Bio-chem Technology Group Co. Ltd, Panpan Food Group and Hebei Zhengxin Group Co. Ltd, providing a good foundation for developing agricultural products processing projects. In 2020, the number of agricultural products processing enterprises in the city is planned to reach 560, including 150 agricultural products processing enterprises above designated scale and 220 leading agricultural enterprises above the city level, with the processing capacity of agricultural products reaching 8 million tons and the sales income of agricultural products processing industry reaching 48 billion yuan.

(3) Talents advantages

Songyuan city has 14 secondary vocational and technical schools with strong teachers, which can ensure the demand for secondary professional and technical talents in enterprises in the whole city. A number of vocational schools such as Songyuan Vocational and Technical College can train 8,000 professional vocational and technical talents annually. At the same time, Songyuan municipal government has signed framework agreements on strategic cooperation in talents and in science and technology with Changchun Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jilin University, and deepened the cooperation with Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Jilin Agricultural University. Hence, it can provide strong support for the development of enterprises in science and technology and in talents.

(4) Location advantages

Fuyu Industrial Concentration District is located on both sides of the North Circular Road in Fuyu city, 123 kilometers away from Changchun city in the south, 92 kilometers away from Harbin city in the north and 98 kilometers away from Songyuan city in the west. Beijing-Harbin Electrified Railway and Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway Passenger Dedicated Line pass through the district, and Tongjiang-Ssnya Conventional Expressway, national expressway G102, provincial expressway S301 and Wuchang-Horqin Right Middle Banner Expressway under construction run through the whole district. It is an important node city in Harbin-Changchun urban agglomeration, the marginal junction of Songyuan, Shuangcheng, Yushu and Dehui, and has close economic and trade relations with its neighbors.

1.2 Contents and scale of project construction

1.2.1 Product scale

The project processes 30 thousand tons of new lactobacillus fermented vegetable products, including 20 thousand tons of lipid-lowering lactobacillus fermented vegetables and 10 thousand tons of low sault fermented appetizers.

1.2.2 Construction content

The total floor area of the project is 30000㎡, with a newly adding construction area of 31650㎡, including 16000㎡for productive construction, 8000㎡ for auxiliary production facilities, 1500㎡for utilities construction and 6150㎡ for office construction and living facilities. Other construction includes 4150㎡ for paving roads and hardening ground, 3000㎡ for greening the plant and 700㎡ for the walls construction.

The basic auxiliary facilities that are mainly constructed includes production workshops, refrigeration houses, the research and development center, product testing and inspection areas, product display areas and offices. 249 sets of equipment was purchased, including 219 sets of production equipment, 11 sets of auxiliary production equipment, 6 sets of utility equipment, 1 set of office equipment, 1set of communication equipment , 1 set of research and testing equipment and 10 transport vehicles.

1.3 Total investment of the project and capital raising

The total investment of the project is 220 million yuan, including the fixed assets investment of 176 million yuan.

New Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Vegetables 3

1.4 Financial analysis and social evaluation

1.4.1 Main financial indexes

After the project reaches the production capacity, its annual sales income will be 158.73 million yuan, its profit will be 52.38 million yuan, its investment payback period will be 7.2 years (after the tax, including the construction period of 3 years) and its return on investment will be 23.8%.

New Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Vegetables 4

1.4.2 Social evaluation

After the completion of the project, it can promote the construction of pollution-free vegetable planting foundation and solve the employment problem of surrounding farmers. In accordance with the national industrial polices and the actual situation of the local and enterprises, the project of high technological contents has remarkable economic and social benefits.

1.5 Cooperative way

Joint venture and cooperation

1.6 What to be invested by the foreign party

Capital, equipment and technology

1.7 Construction site of the project

Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone of Songyuan City

1.8 Progress of the project

The project cooperation plan has been prepared

2. Introduction to the Partner

2.1 Basic information

Name: Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone of Songyuan City

Address: Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone of Songyuan City

2.2 Overview

Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone, established in November 2005, is a provincial-level industrial concentration zone registered by the Development Zone Management Office of the Jilin Provincial People’s Government. The total planning area of the Concentration Zone is 8 square kilometers, of which the starting area is 2.5 square kilometers.

All regions in the Concentration Zone have realized “five accesses and one leveling”, and part regions have realized “seven accesses and one leveling”. The superior basic conditions provide excellent conditions for undertaking projects. In terms of charges, the expenses involved in handling relevant procedures during the construction of investment attraction projects shall be exempted or reduced without exception in case the municipal level has the right to reduce them and shall be charged in the minimum standard in case the municipal level has no right to reduce them. In addition, when investment companies handle procedures, the “direct train” system and project service secretary system should be implemented and all procedures shall be completed by special personnel within a time limit.

The office of the leading team of the development zone in Jilin Province approved the industrial concentration zone as one of the first pilot organizations of system and mechanism innovation of development zone in Jilin Province, that is, carry out integration and optimization of Gongpengzi Industrial Concentration Zone, Taolaizhao Industrial Park, Caijiagou Industrial Park and Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone, integrate the four zones into one. It is collectively referred to as Jilin Fuyu Economic Development Zone externally and is managed by “one district and many parks”. The Concentration Zone has been listed as one of the first batches of pilot organizations of system and mechanism innovation of development zones in the province and is currently cooperating with the city to complete the overall planning, planning environmental impact assessment and other preliminary work of Jilin Fuyu Economic Development Zone.

Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone focuses on the development of five industries:

First, relying on the leading enterprises such as Fuyu Liangrun Food Co., Ltd., Fuyu Hefeng Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., vigorously develop the processing industries of agricultural and animal products to make them become the leading industry in the Concentration Zone;

Second, relying on the backbone enterprises such as Jilin Penghong Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Jilin Aoliv Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Northern Cement Fuyu Dinglu Cement Co., Ltd., vigorously develop the building materials industries to make it become the pillar industry in the Concentration Zone;

Third, relying on the key enterprises such as Jilin Xinke Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Fuyu Xinfeng Electronic Control Equipment Co., Ltd., vigorously develop mechanical processing and other industries to make them become the characteristic industries in the Concentration Zone;

Fourth, Relying on Stanley Fertilizer Fuyu Co., Ltd., Jilin Zhongyanhong Sifang Fertilizer Co., Ltd., vigorously develop the chemical fertilizer industry to make Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone become the largest chemical fertilizer production base in Northeast China;

Five, relying on enterprises such as Stanley Fuyu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Fuyu Huazhan Logistics Co., Ltd., etc., vigorously develop the modern service industry.

Fuyu Industrial Concentration Zone has entered the fast lane of development and has become the backbone of the development of Fuyu Industry and has an important position in the development of Fuyu Industry.

2.3 Contact method

Contact organization: Key Project Service Center of Fuyu City

Project contact person: Zhong Xin

Contact No.: 0438-5862058

Contact method of the city (prefecture) where the project is located:

Contact organization: Investment Promotion Service Center of Songyuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce

City (prefecture) contact person: Chen Quanwei

Contact No.: 15948809000

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