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Negative Force Fermentation Kit with 4 lids + 1 Pump (Jars Excluded)

Price: $19.99

Product Details

Number of Items in Set :

Four-Piece Plus A Pump

Brand :

Negative Force

Color :


Features :

With Lid

Type :

Fermentation Lids

Fits :

For a wide-mouth mason jar

Noted :


Special Design :

Patented valve

Inculdes :

Fermenting Lids x 4, Air Extractor Pump x 1

Style :

Fermentation Lids With Valve

What the Seller Says

Negative Force Fermentation Kit with 4 lids + 1 Pump (Jars Excluded) The BEST and the only PATENTED in the market: Negative Force's fermenting lids are equipped with the unique suction valve that allows carbon to escape but keeps oxygen from entering. We aren't just airtight, we extracts the air out.With our fermentation kit, your ​food will prolong the vacuum period and keep the ​food fresh much longer than other brands. You will never have to burp your jars again. ​For your convenience, we included a pump to suck out air during your fermentation process.Easy to use with 100% BPA Free. ​To open and release air, gently lift the air valve on one side. You can clean up the gasket with water. You can also dismantle the pump for cleaning if you needed.The fermentation kit comes with Two Wide mouth mason jar lids (jars excluded) and one vacuum pump.Money-back guarantee: 30 days Hassle-Free.

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