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Mason Jar Nation: The Jars That Changed America And 50 Clever Ways To Use Them Today

Learn how to make more than 50 Mason jar projects, consisting of luminaries, planters, and upcycled art, in this eagerly anticipated book for DIYers! Mason Jar Nation begins by checking out the Mason jar's effect on America considering that its 1858 patent. Prior to the jar's development, settlers had no trusted and safe way to store food for the winter, which needed them to take a trip terrific lengths in hard conditions and acquire costly canned items in order to survive. With its hermetically sealable two-piece lid and thick glass sides, the Mason jar changed the method mid-nineteenth century Americans fed their families.

Although the appeal of the jars ebbed considerably from the 1950s up until the turn of the century, interest in them has blown up in the past few years. Ball, the most significant trademark name in Mason jars today, has actually seen its sales double because 2001. More youthful generations, including Millenials, have embraced the iconic jars as symbols of a more sustainable time. The simple Mason jar has actually been "discovered" as a versatile and gorgeous product for producing craft products such as chandeliers, luminaries, planters, containers, and upcycled art.

The 2nd half of Mason Jar Nation includes over 50 of these adjustments, revealed with clear photography, all designed and photographed by author JoAnn Moser, the "DIY Maven." Readers who appreciate American cultural history, making fun and budget friendly crafts, and Mason jars themselves will love this brand-new book and its tall, narrow shape that's based upon the proportions of the classic Mason jar.