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Hakka Pickled Vegetables

In the early days, Hakkas migrated to Taiwan and lived near mountainous locations. In order to easily bring and maintain food, they established a long-term conservation approach for dried and marinaded food. Due to the diligent work ethics of the Hakka individuals, they sweated a lot and must supplement their salt consumption to keep their physical strength. For that reason, their diet consists of a variety of processed pickled veggies, which are used as active ingredients to prepare other dishes, developing specialty meals that are oily and salty.

Hakka Pickled Vegetables
Typical types of Hakka pickled veggies consist of: dried radish, shredded radish, salted vegetables, salted fermented mustard leaves, dried marinaded mustard leaves, dried bamboo shoots, dried squash, dried string beans, and so on. Among them, the most frequently used pickles are mustard greens. Not only can they be stir-fried, they can likewise be cooked in soup, and the pickled veggies, salted fermented mustard leaves, dried marinated mustard greens, and so on are all pickled utilizing mustard.

When marinading mustard, the Hakka will select fresh mustard greens, sun-dry them, put them on the ground and step on them with their feet. They also spray salt on the top and hand rub the veggies, then put salt on each layer and place it in a pickling jar. The pickling time is 7 days, throughout which time the mustard fiber takes in the salt and naturally ferments. After pickling, the mustard greens can be made into a tasty Hakka sour vegetable, and the sour vegetable can be processed into salted fermented mustard greens or dried marinaded mustard greens.

Fresh Bamboo Shoots and Salted Fermented Mustard Greens Bu Dai Chicken


1 free-range chicken (about 1,812 grams), 200 grams of bamboo shoots, 150 grams of salted fermented mustard greens, a little ginger, a little salt
Cooking approach:

1. Wash the chicken and eliminate the big bone from the neck and form the chicken like a fabric bag.

2. Wash the bamboo shoots, salted fermented mustard greens, and ginger. Slice the ginger and put all the components into the chicken's tummy, and utilize the chicken neck to seal the opening to make a roundish chicken

3. Put the chicken into a porcelain pot, add hot water until it covers 80% of the chicken, season with salt, and let it simmer for two hours.