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Fermented Vegetables (Sauerkraut)

Fermented Vegetables (Sauerkraut)

300 grams cabbage of choice
4 grams pure sea salt (non-iodinized and devoid of anti-caking aagents)
1 tsp miso paste (optional)
1 spring onion chopped
1 tsp grated ginger
An airtight jar, sterilized

Wash the cabbage leaves prior to slicing as you like (the smaller you slice and slice the easier to pack into the jar.).

Put the sliced cabbage into a big bowl, then include the salt. After washing your hands, strongly massage the cabbage up until it ends up being rather damp. This helps the microorganisms enter the cabbage cell walls, where they will get the ferment going.

Drain pipes off a little cabbage juice and stir in the miso paste if utilizing then put it back with the cabbage and add onion and ginger and continue to massage.

Transfer the mixture to you container and tightly pack it in utilizing the back of a spoon or your fist. You need some juice above the mixture.

Put a little glass weight or just a couple of big folded cabbage leaves on top to keep all of it submerged.

Screw the lid on and leave at room temperature (ideally 18-22 C) out of direct sunshine.

Every day, examine your ferment and launch any gas that has actually developed.

After 7 days, your slaw is ready to taste. You may like it just as it is or you may wish to leave it longer for a more acidic taste.

When it is as you like it, pop it into the refrigerator and allow to rest prior to eating. Fermentation will stop when the cabbage remains in the fridge.