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Lacto-fermenting vegetables (think classic dill pickles or sauerkraut) used to be all about food conservation and consuming out-of-season produce, however it can imply a lot more. Fermenting veggies gives new life and flavor to the food plucked from your yard garden or purchased your regional farmers market. It's simple, it's fun, and it's amazingly healthy.

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Fermenting foods like cabbage and other veggies make nutrients more bioavailable and render the veggies more digestible. It likewise makes them just more tasty, with a tart tang that you can just get from lactic acid bacteria. Making your own fermented pickles is easy, particularly if you have a mason container or ten lying around your house. Here are a handful of fermentation kits developed for usage with basic wide-mouth mason jars like those made by Ball, Kerr, and Bernardin.