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Combat Feeding Pitch Winners

Industria Imperium and Titan Bioworks will continue advancing food technologies for warfighters to improve combat strength and preparedness across varied and remote environments. The companies will use their payouts from the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Starts Combat Feeding Pitch Competition to establish brand-new sources of early-stage food technology with the Combat Feeding Division (CFD) of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM).

The two ventures will innovate locations of innovation for CFD, consisting of:

  • food preservation;
  • stabilization and densification technologies; and
  • foods that support human performance or enhance gut and body immune systems.

Throughout the live pitch event, Craig Rettie, Director of Research and Technology Integration at DEVCOM, praised the quality of finalists and the crucial function of nutrition for warfighters.

"Our service is all about protecting and enabling soldiers; this is a team service. We can't do it alone. We depend very greatly on market, academia, other government agencies, laboratories like us, even internal to the Army-- we have strong partnerships with Army R&D Labs ... I'm extremely happy that we have a variety of different organizations here today that want and desiring to help," stated Rettie.

Explaining the function in sustaining warfighters, he kept in mind, "There's a function to be played in being able to keep joint warfighters nutritionally sustained, provided the large barriers that exist to doing so. It's not just nutrition, but nutrition that will enhance their health and performance. It all goes back to being able to run in austere environments, detached from logistics or lines of communications, and extremely distributed operations where decision-making needs to be decentralized and the effects can get really major."

The NSIN Starts Combat Feeding Pitch Competition assisted CFD fix its need for new sources of early-stage technology to help sustain the American warfighter. Areas of innovation interest consisted of food preservation, stabilization and densification technologies, and recognizing foods that support human efficiency or optimize gut and body immune systems. The last six teams provided services to CFD for nutrition densification and fermented protein alternatives.

"All of our activities at NSIN are concentrated on using communities of problem solvers who usually have run out reach for the Department of Defense. This is based upon a basic belief that we're in a complex, rapidly advancing world and the rate of modification and development within the DoD is not keeping pace with our foes," stated Abi DesJardins, Acceleration Portfolio Director & Director of Research at NSIN. "We believe that if we, the DoD, wish to maintain resilience, leverage emerging tech, and fix problems in a different way, then we require to integrate new problem solvers."