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Celebrity Sandwich With Tom Sarafian

Celebrity Sandwich with Tom Sarafian

In the latest episode of Celebrity Sandwich, check out Tom making kafta arayes, a grilled and stuffed pita that’s popular in Lebanon. “Arayes are Lebanese pita sandwiches that are very popular in Lebanon and Syria, where they’re stuffed with beef or lamb, or sometimes chicken or fish. Rather than cooking …

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Cheeseburger Chemistry: Pickles


This video, one in a six-part “Cheeseburger Chemistry” series, examines the role of salty brine, fermentation, lactic acid and pH in the process of making pickles  The chemistry of preservatives: fermentation, acid and pH. This video, one in a six-part “Cheeseburger Chemistry” series, examines the role of salty brine, …

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How to Make Naturally Fermented Pickles

Naturally Fermented Pickles

Another great video showing you how to make naturally fermented pickles. This video and recipe is from the “Food Wishes” Youtube Channel. Food Wishes has almost 4 million subscribers, so they must know what they are doing. Learn how to make a Homemade Dill Pickles recipe! Go to for …

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Hollis & Nancy Homestead YouTube Channel

Hollis and Nancy Homestead

Having watched lots of of movies coping with rising cucumbers and making pickles, I’ve discovered my new favourite channel to observe – Hollis & Nancy Homestead. This couple are probably the most down-to-earth folks you’ll ever see. No frills, no begging you to subscribe and like their channel – only …

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How To Make Pickles Without A Recipe

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Josh Weissman is one of my favorite Youtubers. Once you get past his long hair and “whisky business”, you will see that he is an excellent cook/chef who can anything. He likes to make food better mainly by showing what the fast fod places sell and how he makes it …

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Super Easy 1-2-3 Pickle Recipe

Dabble in Dishes

This is another great and easy recipe for making pickles. I like the different ingredients and the easy 1-2-3 ratio. Check out pickles from Sweden Here is the description from Youtube: Super easy 1-2-3 pickle recipe Cucumber, carrots & onions 506,193 views • Jul 11, 2019 • This is a …

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Getting Started With Fermenting Pickles

Craig's Kitchen

When I first started fermenting vegetables, mainly cucumbers, I looked online for videos that would show me “how-to”. The easiest video and recipe that got me started came from Craig’s Kitchen. The video is easy to watch and understand and the recipe is easy to follow. I made my first …

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