Fermented Pickles Recipes

Pickled Onions

red shallots 5768 1920

If you want a few jars of pickled onions to get you through the winter, now is the time to get pickling. Shallots are smaller than onions and have a p articularly papery skin. They taste slightly milder than most onions and are ideal for any savoury dish calling for …

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Grandma Beaumont’s Pickles

Cucumber On Vine 1

Ingredients 5-6 pounds (2.7 kilograms) green tomatoes (not vital, but smaller size ones look good) 1 1/2 pounds (600 grams) small white onions (look better and slice into nice small rings) 2 or 3 cucumbers (apple variety enhances as they have larger, fleshly seeds) 2 tablespoon salt 4 cups white …

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“Mudders” Pickles

Cucumbers On The Vine

There is no better way to preserve those summer garden vegetables then a good mustard pickle. Almost a necessity on a fish cakes, A jiggs dinners and a fixture on the table for many a mug up in homes across the Island. This is a good guideline base recipe upon …

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Avocado Green Pickle Salsa

Avocado Green Pickle Salsa

Spicy, sour, sweet or dill. Whatever your pickle preference, it’s likely Mt. Olive Pickles in Wayne County has your pickle craving covered. With almost 100 years in the pickle business, Mt. Olive  has certainly earned a reputation for being tops in the pickle industry. That reputation is not just in North Carolina, …

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Cucumber Relish

Canned Goods Pickle Relish

Relish is a traditional North American condiment. It originated as a way to use up an abundance of homegrown vegetables and fruit. This mixed pickle also served as an easy way for our pioneer ancestors to add variety to their plain and basic diets. For best flavour allow jars to …

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Chunky Mustard Pickles

Art of Preserving 1

The word “pickle” comes from the Dutch pekel or northern German pokel, meaning “salt” or “brine”, two very important components in the pickling process. Makes approximately 7 – 500 mL (pint) jars Ingredients:  3500 mL (14 cups) prepared cucumbers, or zucchini  1500 mL (6 cups) finely chopped onion …

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Zesty Bread And Butter Pickles

Lots of Pickles

When pickling cucumbers are not available, substitute seeded peeled field cucumbers. To prepare, peel cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise and scoop out seeds. Cut into 1 cm (1/2 inch) slices. English cucumbers are not recommended for pickling. Makes approximately 7 – 500 mL (pint) jars Ingredients:  3 kg (6 …

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Fermented Tofu

Miaoli’s Hakka people typically refer to fermented tofu as “tofu syrup.” Just like pickled vegetables, dried leafy mustards, dried radish, and pickled cucumbers, Hakka people, who are thrifty and resourceful by nature, keep tofu from rotting by making it fermented, turning it into an important seasoning that is rich in …

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Hakka Pickled Vegetables

Hakka pickled vegetables

Hakka Pickled Vegetables In the early days, Hakkas migrated to Taiwan and lived near mountainous areas. In order to easily carry and preserve food, they developed a long-term preservation method for dried and pickled food. Due to the diligent work ethics of the Hakka people, they sweated a lot and must …

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Kim Chi Flowchart

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Flowchart demonstrating key steps when making kim chi Kim chi is a fermented dish of vegetables from Korea. Fermentation is a way of preserving food by altering the environment in which bacteria (harmful and beneficial) live. Common ingredients used to make kimchi include cabbage, radish, onions, garlic, ginger and cucumber. …

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Fermented Pickles