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Food And Mood


Did you know that what you eat can affect your mental health? Some foods contain vitamins and nutrients that support brain health and help improve mood, energy and concentration levels. Fruits and vegetables Carbohydrates are the sugars, starches and fibre found in food. They are the main source of energy …

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Fermented Foods And New Challenges In The Use Of Bacteria


CONICET researchers studying new metabolic pathways in lactic acid bacteria. One potential way to develop high-quality food and control potential health risks . For over ten years Christian Magni , biochemical and principal investigator of CONICET at the Laboratory of Physiology and Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria , Institute of …

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How To Improve Your Gut Health

Canned Goods 2

We’re becoming increasingly aware of the role our gut plays on our overall health. With so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to know what’s true or false. So how do we improve our gut health? What’s the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria? Are gut health …

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Grandma Beaumont’s Pickles

Cucumber On Vine 1

Ingredients 5-6 pounds (2.7 kilograms) green tomatoes (not vital, but smaller size ones look good) 1 1/2 pounds (600 grams) small white onions (look better and slice into nice small rings) 2 or 3 cucumbers (apple variety enhances as they have larger, fleshly seeds) 2 tablespoon salt 4 cups white …

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“Mudders” Pickles

Cucumbers On The Vine

There is no better way to preserve those summer garden vegetables then a good mustard pickle. Almost a necessity on a fish cakes, A jiggs dinners and a fixture on the table for many a mug up in homes across the Island. This is a good guideline base recipe upon …

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Homemade Umeboshi (Japanese Salt-Preserved Plums)


Update: I’ve revised this, possibly the most popular umeboshi recipe in English online, to include some key troubleshooting notes. Originally published June 18, 2009. My mom has been making a batch of umeboshi every year since, and I’ve also added some more notes from her. My mother came for a …

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Fermented Food Of Hue People

Fermented food of Hue people

In late 2019, on the occasion of the special ASEAN-Korea summit conference, Korean Food Promotion Institute (KFPI) organized the seminar: “Fermented Food in Cuisine of ASEAN and Korea.” As a representative of Vietnam, I introduced the fermented food of Hue to the Korean public with the speech: “Fermented Foods in …

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Guxiangqing Pickled Vegetables

Guxiangqing Pickled Vegetables

Manchurian Pickled Cabbage Manchurian pickled cabbage has rich lactic acid bacteria, refined fibers and vitamin B1,B2 and C; its low calories makes it a healthier dish. And the Korean style kimchi is the best side dish for hot pots and savory stinky hot pots. All products are examined, no artificial …

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Chinese Cheese Fermenting Flavor

Fermented Tofu Furu Doufuru

FERMENTED tofu, which is known in Chinese as furu or doufuru, is an intriguing condiment in Chinese cuisine. The texture of fermented tofu is similar to blue cheese or feta cheese. In fact, the tofu is often referred to as “Chinese cheese.” The origin of the technique used in fermenting …

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Story Of Nhut – A Specialty Of Nghe An

story of nhut a specialty of nghe an

For [Vietnamese] northerners, fermented pickles are part and parcel of daily meals, but for locals in central provinces, particularly Nghe An, nhút (pickle made from young jackfruit) is a real specialty. Ho Thi Nguyet from the rural district of Thanh Chuong said most households in the province know how to make nhút but the most delicious …

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Fermented Pickles