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2L Keramik-Gärtopf für Sauerkraut - Rot

2L Sauerkraut Pot - Red

Product Review Score

4.84 out of 5 stars

9 reviews


Comodo Keramik-Gärtopf – 2 Liter (0,5 Liter) Glasgewichte – Gärer

Comodo Fermentation Set - 2L

Product Review Score

4.43 out of 5 stars

47 reviews


Seeutek 5L Fermentation Crock Jar - Stoneware Pot

5L Fermentation Pot

Product Review Score

4.52 out of 5 stars

84 reviews


Icelandic Skyr Yogurt Starter Culture | 2 Pack

Icelandic Skyr Starter | 2 Pack

Product Review Score

4.18 out of 5 stars

89 reviews


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Weck Jars

Weck Jars

Preserve Your Harvest and Ferment Like a Pro with Weck Jars for Your Fermentation Needs

Ball Mason Jars

Ball Mason Jars

The Perfect Vessel for Fermentation and Food Storage: Ball Mason Jars

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

Discover the Delicious World of Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread from Our Fermentation Collection

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