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Fermented Pickles

Cucumber pickles are the most frequently taken in fermented veggie in the United States, with Americans consuming more than 9 pounds of all types of pickles per person each year. Pickles are fat totally free, cholesterol free, low in calories, and a great source of vitamin K.

Mason jars are a great and easy way for you to organize and save space. Glass jars not only look pretty but they will preserve any food or items that are placed inside. Shop now at our secure site for the best mason jars at great prices!

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Mason jars are not limited to storing coffee, powdered cream and sugar, only. There are many ways that you can use these beautiful glass containers if you are creative enough to think on how it can be of service to you. You can use it to properly store your spices in the kitchen with chalkboard labels, of course.

Another way for you to utilize a jar is by putting art materials in it like crayons, paint tubes, oil pastel, pens, Sharpee's, Kurecolor and more. Instead of making a mess on your creative space, fix your stuff inside these jars so that you will know where to find what you need. Also, chalkboard labels on the cover will make everything easier to arrange.

Another way is to make these containers as your pseudo-sewing kit. One jar for your buttons, another for your crystals and one more for sequins and beads. Doing this will be helpful when you're trying to sew. With so many different ways to use a mason jar, why not add a set to your home?